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Community Engagement

Brian Sutton-Smith famously said that the opposite of play is depression and yet, in the face of rising rates of mental health problems, we continue to neglect the value of PLAY.

At Roofed by sky we believe it is important, especially now, to reconnect our communities with the Power of Play whilst incorporating the huge benefits to our health and wellbeing of being outdoors. 

Time spent in nature is proven to improve mental and physical wellbeing and we provide opportunities within the community for people to embrace the emotional, physical and psychological benefits of outdoor social and playful experiences.



Women in the Woods


These regular sessions are designed to create a warm and friendly environment where women can connect, relax, share and learn. A meeting of Friendship, Fireside chat and fun in a beautiful woodland environment.

It's all about YOU . We understand how hard it is to carve out time for yourself so these sessions have been designed to bring women together round the campfire for some real Nature Nurture.


Women in the Woods supports the 5 Ways to Wellbeing which is recognised by organisations such as MIND and NHS England to improve mental health and wellbeing. 








We will facilitate a warm and welcoming space at the private woodland we use in Histon or The Wild Place at the beautiful Milton Country Park near Cambridge where women (age 14 plus) can come together for support, fun and friendship.

 What we do during those sessions will largely be determined by the wants and needs of the group and individuals, however, the focus will be on Nature connection and community with all the lovely benefits of time spent outdoors, with good company around a campfire. Hot drinks, campfire snacks, craft and kinship will form the bones of our sessions along with exploring the 5 Ways of Wellbeing and how these 5 simple things can have a profound and positive impact on our mental health .


Hosted by Forest School Leader and Nature based practitioner Lorraine these sessions will have wellbeing, reflection, sisterhood, and nature connection at their heart. 

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